40 is the new 30!! A personal blog post

Before you get all excited I’m not the one that is 40, at least not yet.  That honor would go to my lovely husband!!!! Why am I sharing about him tonight? That’s a great question, so I’ll explain.  It’s so easy to stumble across a photographers website and or blog and admire and read and either make a connection or not, but how awesome it would be to stumble across that blog/website and take a sneaky look into that persons personal life.  So In honor of my husband’s birthday I felt I’d take the time to write a personal blog for you guys and introduce you to my biggest supporter and the other better half of the girl behind d.l.b. photography.

First let me say….HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris!!! 40 sure looks good on you baby!!!


IMG_7355 I mean really how many people can say that they are married to a living, walking, talking hero…I can…


The past 14 years of my life have been more than I could have ever dreamed they could be, a huge part of that has been you.  I thank God everyday for the love that he showed me when he put you in my life, it’s a love that’s like no other comes close to my love for my Heavenly Father and the children that he trusted us with.  I’ve never met a person with such drive in their life, you are an amazing provider, father, husband and best friend.  You are stubborn, sensitive at the right times, have the best laugh, the sweetest kisses, the most healing hugs, and have the ability to make anyone around you want to be better than they currently are in whatever they are trying to accomplish in life.  While you could quite possibly be the smartest person I’ve ever met, I don’t say that often, well not to you anyway 😉

While no relationship is perfect I think that we are imperfectly perfect together, we each bring the good ,the bad and the ugly and mesh it together to make something beautiful.  I fall in LOVE with you everyday it’s the easiest part of my day.  When I started thinking about this blog post I had so much running around in my head to share but it all boils down to these few truths: You, Chris Bramlett, are my Best Yes.  Saying yes to that first date was the start of my puzzle that makes up my big picture.  I still laugh about you saying you were “Independently wealthy” just for the record that wasn’t a selling feature, it just proved to me that you had jokes and imagination.  While 14 years doesn’t seem like a long time, I feel as if you’ve always been in my life, the highlights and lowlights of my life you’ve been there.  You picked up my broken and unsure heart and held it in your hands, you taught me to laugh, to love, to live life with someone no matter what life may throw at you.  You’ve shown me how to do life with my best friend.

Thank you for everything that you are, for the life that we have created together, for our babies that have an amazing example of what a man, a Husband and a Daddy should be. Thank you for giving the boys a role model and for giving our daughter her first knight and shining armor.  If you doubt that check out the way she looks at him.




So as much as you have fought this day and are refusing to say that come tomorrow on January 18th you will be 40, I’ll let you call it the 1st anniversary of your 39th birthday…LOL  if that makes you happy.


I took a trip down memory lane and thru some of the hard drives this weekend and pulled some of my favorite pictures of you, added a song that makes me see your face every time I hear it and made a little something extra for you….Happy Birthday again I love you the most!!

Click Here to watch on Viemo or Here for Youtube

Song : Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran


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