Abby|Mcdonough, Ga |Maternity photographer

Y’all meet Abby!!! She is gorgeous, does pregnancy better than I could have ever dreamed and is always willing to let me try to think outside my box. Aside from having a bucket list of shoots that I keep adding to, this year I promised myself that I would push myself a little more out of my comfort zone in each session. I’ve invested time and money into webinars to open up a creative side to my editing, almost like an unlocking of something deep in my soul. Huge thank you to Meg Bitton and her recorded workshops and editing videos. I also took a lighting course from the ever so talented Nicole Everson with Nicole Everson Photography   Each of these amazing women allowing me to push myself to another limit. Along with these I decided to try to master instudio maternity sessions. The majority of my maternity sessions are shot outdoors and usually in the evening light because I love all the yummy light. So indoors was going to be a challenge.

Abby ROCKED it and these are becoming some of my most favorite images. I think they are a shining example of my soul, my brand, and my heart. It captures the pure essence of her glowing baby bump and everything I love about pregnancy.


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Welcome to the Studio

So the Studio is coming along nicely.

I still can’t believe that a simple girl from McDonough, GA would grow up to start a business and open a studio in the heart of Downtown McDonough Square. It sometimes feels like my path has come full circle.

I love baby bumps, the emotions during birth, and the tiny things about your baby that you think that you’ll always remember but soon forget.

Its hard to believe all the time that is spent planning just the right place to hang my work to showcase the best I have to offer. It’s even more of a challenge to figure out proper prop storage and just how to arrange everything so that it screams my brand, my style and just what to expect when you walk into the studio. With each decision and change wether it’s a small tweak here or a completely scraped idea it all is coming together perfectly.

I am loving the display of the fine art products that I’ve added and am anxiously awaiting the new pieces and the exciting changes and features being added.

Here are a few new favorites


But for now take a little look inside 

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Brynleigh’s Birth Story | McDonough Birth Photographer

I met Kellie when we both worked for the Court system.  I had the honor of photographing her maternity, and first years milestones of Big Sister Addyson.  Over this time we’ve become friends and developed a relationship that is so treasured.  Her love for her husband and his for her is powerful and to see her with her girls is moving.  When Kellie talked to me about Brynleigh’s sessions she mentioned wanting to have the birth photographed.  Umm YES please!


There is something so powerful in birth, to watch God’s perfect creation is emotional, powerful, and quite frankly more than I could ever put into words.  Kellie is a CHAMP!! A ROCKSTAR and so much more, and Chris has jokes and has taken me a while to read because you find yourself wondering “is he for real or is he messing with me”.  They started Brynleigh’s birth story by calling me saying they were going to the doctor to be checked, which lead to the hospital, and her having to walk for two hours and being instant that she wasn’t leaving without delivering her baby.. LOL


Here are a few of my favorite pictures leading up to the welcoming party we had for Brynleigh.


Throughout the night we talked about the differences in their two Birth Stories, they weren’t able to hold Addyson for a while when she was born because she had to have further observation.  So Brynleigh had a completely different plan, she entered this world making a statement, exercising her lungs and letting everyone know that she was in fact here and in charge.

She was all cheeks, and opinionated about having a big bow on her head and immediately drawn to her Mama and Daddy.

Happy Birthday Brynleigh Reese- born March 17th, at 2:13 am, albs and 20.5 inches


Click HERE to watch her full birth story

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Daniel| McDonough, Ga Newborn

A rainbow baby is a baby born shortly after the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or death in infancy. This term is given to these special rainbow babies because a rainbow typically follows a storm, giving us hope of what’s to come

I had the privilege of falling in Love with this baby. His cheeks, his hair, and the overall tone of his session. To capture any baby is an honor, to capture a miracle after a loss is even more of an honor.

Some of my favorites from his session now hang in the studio, so I’ll share a few of them here.


Watch his newborn slide show here: Welcome Daniel 

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41 Keysferry Street McDonough, GA | McDonough, Newborn Photography Studio

So today happened….Even though we made the move from 34 Atlanta Street to 41 Keysferry Street over the summer, the move and the set up was a process, and well then came busy season…. Today with some of our family, a few of our best friends, The City Of McDonough Administrator, and the sweet ladies of the Main Street McDonough Program we had our official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the studio.


Some of you may not know, but the studio now shares space with my insanely talented husband Chris, owner of The Door Guy.  It houses his Garage Door show room, so if you are in need of any garage door needs be sure to check him out.  It’s been an experience to have this space together and to watch how both of our dreams and business have grown into what they are now.


We started this process in July, I tried really hard to embrace CHANGE..that is very hard for me, but this move is proving to be the best decision and all laid out by God.  We are super excited to be on the square of McDonough, in a town that I LOVE and grew up in, and in a place that I can see growth and potential.  Below I’m going to show you a few pictures of the studio and a short video of our process of getting it to where it is now.  Come see me sometime…..


Click here to watch video


As Always




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  • Nicole EversonApril 7, 2017 - 5:28 pm

    I just redid my studio in the last year, and it is a labor of love!!! Yours turned out great!!!ReplyCancel