Welcome Reid- Stockbridge, GA

I’ve had the honor to photograph a few birth stories and thinking back to when I had my babies to see the interaction with family and siblings is always just as heart warming, treasured, and an area that I want to add to my portfolio. So when I approached Christa about allowing me to document her birth story and Reid’s First 48 hours where his big brother Riley got to meet him I was over the moon excited when she agreed. Christa is a fellow photographer, and has the sweetest spirit you will ever meet.  We joked about this being the first time we “actually” met each other in person.  That’s one of the wonderful things about Facebook, allowing you to network, chat and become friends with several people.

Christa’s birth plan changed. She messaged me to tell me that God had different plans, Reid was going to have to be born via c-section. So with that direction our birth story shoot was canceled, but she was still willing to help me with the First 48.

Meet Reid, Riley was a little unsure about his baby brother and the strange lady in the room, but sometimes when you just sit back and watch greatness happens. Sometimes some of the best moments are captured in chaos. Thank you again Christa and Phillip, I enjoyed spending some time with you today!! You have touched my heart in so many ways. Hope you guys enjoy the sweet photos that I was able to capture of Reid’s first 48.




If you would like to book a birth story or first 48 or would like some information please let me know.

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