My name is Dana Bramlett..

I’m a Wife, Mother, daughter and friend.  My husband Chris and I have been married since 2001, we have three beautiful children together, which is why I started this journey. I love the flexibility of owning my own business, it’s like the BEST of both worlds.  I have THE BEST job in the world, because I capture your families memories that happen so quickly because life is fast, and I’m allowed the freedom of being involved in my children’s lives and enjoying the short amount of time that they are little.


I love to read, oddly enough the detective mysteries are my favorite, my ipod and pandora stations are some what of an interesting mix.  In fact I find myself listening to what I’ve picked and giggle on the inside because there is no rhyme or reason to the music or style.  I am a Mexican food junkie, and believe that peanut butter and chocolate are major food groups.  You know meat, cheese, vegetables, peanut butter and chocolate. 🙂 I’m sometimes a bit too excited, get crazy giddy if I’ve captured an amazing image, big hearted and loyal to a fault.  I LOVE love, there is something about capturing just how much you love your fiance, your spouse, your children, or that sweet newborn in an image, have you ever looked at a picture and thought to yourself “Yes, THAT is what LOVE looks like!”.  Those are my favorite and make my heart truly happy.

My hope and prayer is that when you have a session with me, it’s easy, comfortable and fun.  My goal is to make the person that dreads pictures love me and the one that loves pictures to want to tell everyone they know about d.l.b. photography.  So take a minute to look thru all the goodies that are posted through out this blog, feel free to subscribe, shoot me an email with any questions or to book your next session for your families memories.


*family pictures photo credit to Keisha Robertson of Keisha Robertson photography*




Who is Dana Dana is wife to Chris. Mother to Dakota, Cameron, and Maddie 1
How I Started This Career I always felt like myself with my camera in hand! So why not take photos of what I love! 2
Pleased to To meet you Please take a look at all the goodness . life brings. Contact me when you're ready. I can't wait to meet you!